3D Printing, Printers & Supplies

As a district, we are very fortunate to have 3D printers in every school thanks to the Perloff Family Foundation as well as district funding.

If you are looking for information about 3D printing at BEMS, this webpage is a great place to start. From seeing what we've been printing to checking out the printer calendar and even submitting your designs to be printed, this is your one stop shop for everyone at BEMS.

Watch what we have been printing on our YouTube channel. I aim to broadcast as many jobs as I can live so you can watch it in real time.

Design Tools

  • TinkerCAD: The most popular option, TinkerCAD is being widely used in the district and allows your students to create an account tied to their Google account.

  • BlocksCAD

  • Embossify: If you have a 2D design, you can use this tool to automatically create a 3D printable STL file. Depending on the printer we use at the school, we can also do the same thing with the printer software and change the shape of the object.

Get Inspired

3D Printer Supplies

Compatible accessories for your devices

Apple (iPads, MacBooks, etc.)


Dive Deeper

Quicktime Player on your Macbook

I recommend using QuickTime Player for all of your video and audio recordings before bringing them into iMovie because it is so easy to use. And, if you don't need all the bells and whistles of iMovie, it's a great way to create videos quickly and easily with some basic editing tools.


Click here to access Apple's iMovie Help Guide

If you currently have documents in Keynote, Numbers, or Pages, I highly recommend converting them into a Google file instead so that you can edit, share, and update them more easily. Here are tutorials on how to convert your files to a format that Google can easily convert:




Classroom AV Equipment

Standalone Unit: Poly Studio

Installed System: Connected Classroom

  • Click here to access the resources for how to use your system.

Google (Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Etc.)

Google Drive Add-Ons/Extensions

What do you want to do?

  • Mail or Data Merge: Use Google Sheets for your data set (HINT: collect your data through Google Forms to make it even easier!) and then install the AUTOCRAT add-on. You can merge data into a Google Document or Google Slide and have the merged document exported in the original document format or as a PDF. Bonus is what it can even email the created document to someone!

  • Turn off a Google Form Automatically: If you want a Google Form to turn off at a certain date/time or after a number of responses, the FORM LIMITER add-on for Google Forms is the tool for you. FORM SCHEDULER is another add-on that will give you more options such as paying attention to specific calendar event.

  • Apply Formulas to Every Google Form Submission: I use COPYDOWN to have formulas applied every time a new Google Form submission comes through to my Google Sheet.

  • Send Emails from Spreadsheet Data: If you have a Google Sheet with data you would like to turn into individualized emails, YET ANOTHER MAIL MERGE lets you fill in a draft email message with the content from the Sheet.

  • Send Out Reminder Emails Automatically: If you already have a list of email addresses, I would recommend checking out the ADD REMINDERS add-on for Google Sheets. Fill in the sheet with who you want to remind, what the reminder is, and when you want to send it out and the add-on will do the rest.

  • Add Several Events to My Google Calendar: I've used the FROM SHEETS TO CALENDAR add-on to do this and it seems to work well. Fill in a Google Sheet with all of the details and this add-on will create the events for you.

Student Data Privacy

  • Click here to see what apps and tools have been approved for use at Bonny Eagle.

  • Click here to fill out the 6-12 app request form to have an app added to Self Service or have a tool/website approved for use with students.